A secret I've kept for FAR too long.

It's been nearly four years since I've posted on this blog, but you'd never know. "And why is that Katherine?!"

... because I never published it.


But that's the truth! I wrote about my experiences as a young actor in Vancouver and though that what I was saying was meaningless or vapid or uninteresting. Thankfully, my 27 year old self has realized 3 very important things that you would all benefit from. I DIGRESS.

1. What EVERYONE finds interesting isn't none of my businaaass BUT, (and it's a big butt, hehe)... what SOME people who write and act and have O.C.D. WILL find interesting, is absolutely my business. As it happens, I know a lot about two of those things and the first one I happen to thoroughly enjoy, which is, actually, enough. THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

2. The second thing is that I have O.C.D. (I gave it away before but I have a fun kind with scary thoughts, but there will be more posts about this.) This used to not benefit anyone, but HOLY SMOKES THERE'S SO MUCH COMING DOWN THE PIPE MY PEOPLE. I have a decade of experience managing intrusive thoughts and if I can share my experiences with, I don't know, even ONE 17 year old crying their eyes out because they think they're evil, EVERYTHING will be worth it.

3. I think I am delightful and I would like that delightful-ness to be of service. As my long-distance mentor Lisa Nichols is apt to repeat, it's all about service. How can my light that is BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN maybe help someone else. Maybe someone who loves acting and doesn't know where to start. Or someone who needs to do something in public un-elegantly (coughblogcough) and needs a push, or maybe someone who needs to know that they are good, and loving and that they are NOT THEIR THOUGHTS (because YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS.)

In conclusion, I would like to be useful, and I can't be useful not saying anything. So here we go. Leaping! With no net, and a willingness to be a little uncouth and likely thoroughly unread.

But heck, I'd rather have written than not.

Be brave my loves, come over to the dark side. We have delicious roasted vegetables.



P.S. Go through my earlier posts to meet a delightful and hilarious young Miss K.

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