Excuse me world while I go dance my feet off.


I've known for most of my life that beneath this single pirouette-ing girl, there lives a tripple-on-the-left dancer. Where has she been hiding? In the shadows, afraid of trying, afraid of really achieving the level I've always known I could.

You know how you imagine yourself one way and the truth is another? Kind of like this?...

Well, this is the truth. In my head, I soar and leap like a Canadian-female-5'3" Baryshnikov.


I recently closed The Wizard of Oz at the Gateway Theatre, and though it was a great dancing experience, it left me winded and realizing how much more work there is to do.

I used to say to myself, "if I'm not always a better dancer than I was before my next birthday, I'll have so much regret." Well, I'm 23 and the clock is ticking. I am taking steps towards that tripple-pirouette-on-the-left girl.

I've signed up to dance 40 HOURS this January at Harbour Dance Centre and I'm so excited. I feel like part of my heart is being fed for the first time and it's only week one.

Here's to not being a lazy dancer.

And to THIS being a reality.

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