November 10, 2015



Last week I visited my old high-school theatre program. There were two reasons, well three actually.


1. Nostalgia is so sickeningly sweet.

2. To encourage the teens to pursue the arts.

3. To do promotion for Cap U’s theatre program, which is my job!


I felt a little wrong though. After talking about what I’ve done so far (not too much, I’m a performing baby!) the youngsters were asking me questions on what to do and I honestly DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO SAY. I’m pretty sure I spewed something about remaining curious and taking c...

November 3, 2015

I’ve struggled since graduating from my post-secondary training in the work vs. art world. Artists need to eat, but also need to continue the pursuit of training so someday, people will pay us to do what we love.


We slog away, and a lot of us serve, cook, clean, temp, assist in the meantime, fueling the pursuit of advancing our skills and landing those roles but also feeling a little bit sold out by non-arts work.


I’ve been trying for a long time to make my life a life I want to live day to day, and for me personally, tha...

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