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Thought Monster Image.png

Thought Monster

October 15th and 16th
The Hope Theatre

Written/Produced/Performer by Katherine Alpen

Directed by Jacob Wolstencroft

Co-produced by Andrew Sharpe

“Oh god, not another show about a millennial and her mental health.”
– TheatreNewsRUs

“No, Katherine, we’re not coming over from Canada to see your show.”
– My parents

Thought Monster is a mile a minute, one-person energetic explosion that follows a 15 year old’s wild imagination trying to heal through terrifying thoughts and intrusive images. Multiple characters, singing, darkness, light, healing, forgiveness, and an epic dance number await. This is a show that doesn't sit still.


You’ve never seen OCD depicted this way before.

Tickets coming soon!

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With an expected early September release, the 2019 shot short film set in Vancouver is nearing completion. Written and produced by Alpen, the film tells the story of a German immigrant family in the early days of Vancouver.


Stay tuned for a virtual premiere date.

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