IMMACULATE by Oliver Lansley - 2021


Originally from Canada, Katherine is a dual British/Canadian citizen currently residing in the UK.

For the past 6 years she has been working in commercial and independent film in Vancouver but has recently moved to the UK to complete her MA in Acting.

After graduating in 2014 with a diploma in Musical Theatre, Alpen refocused on film work and has had success with comedic commercial work and various independent feature films.

A natural improvisor and Shakespeare enthusiast, she spent 4 years with the Shakespeare After Dark improv troupe improvising Shakesperean tragedies for live audiences.

Alpen is also a writer: her first short that she wrote, co-produced and starred in is currently in post-production scheduled for a 2021 fall release. Additionally, she blogs weekly about her experiences with O.C.D. on her website

In 2018 Alpen joined the Young Emerging Actors Committee (UBCP) as the Fundraising Spearhead. Wanting to create a safe networking space for anxious creatives, Alpen designed and lead three sold out events. "Netwerk" ran for two editions (speed networking opportunities for independent film makers). And lastly "Kick Off, an event designed to jumpstart young film creatives into 2020 was a huge success.

With a versatile voice Alpen has also worked in V.O. for a variety of products and animations. A goal of hers is to book a recurring animation role on a major children's show. My Little Pony C.D.'s take note.

Alpen attempts to take after Sarah Bernhardt and have many artistic talents, resulting in Alpen's abilities as a hobby painter.

Alpen is a dedicated and versatile artist with a passion for O.C.D. awareness and diagnosis. Please follow her journey here, on instagram or through her blog to stay up to date on exciting projects and releases.

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THE WIZARD OF OZ - Gateway Theatre 2017