Alpen on set as Matilda Roedde in Send it to the Roeddes 2020


In late 2019, Alpen wrote her first short film and executive produced and shot "Send it to the Roeddes": a historical family drama about a real Vancouver family from the turn of the century. Through mutual connections, the production was able to shoot in the family's original home. The film is currently in post-production and planned for an early summer release.


Katherine Alpen is an actor from Vancouver, Canada. Originally trained in musical theatre, Katherine has since found success in commercial and independent film work.

Also a writer, producer, improvisor, singer, songwriter, event organizer, dancer, bad poet and a great roaster of vegetables, Katherine follows her creativity in a diverse array of artistic pursuits.

Alpen, third from the left, in Footlight Theatre's production of The Marvellous Wonderettes


With a personal focus on creating community, Alpen joined the  Young Emerging Actors Committee in late 2018 and soon became the fundraising spearhead. To raise funds and create a safe spce for socially anxious creatives, Alpen designed and lead Netwerk: Speed Networking events for independent film makers. Additionally she co-organized Kick Off, an event designed to jumpstart young film creatives into 2020.

Alpen as Melina Shadrova in the indie feature Exuvia.


Alpen was a proud recipient of the 2019 WIFF Mentorship program. Through working with her mentor and fellow recipients she became more involved in supporting independent film-makers and specifically young women in this industry. As a member of Women in Film, Alpen stays connected by attending and volunteering for events through the organization.

Alpen attending the VSFF representing the Young Emerging Actor's

Association, a sub-committee of UBCP.

Future work

Alpen is currently activiely pursuing film and theatre work in Vancouver with aims to pursue further education down the road.

Projects in the works include post-production Send it to the Roeddes, a production of Barefoot in the Park this coming fall (corona allowing) and to release an album of songs in late 2020.

The Wizard of Oz - Gateway Theatre


If you have an idea you want feedback on, coaching for an audition or are curious about what pursuing film and television is like in Vancouver, feel free to drop Katherine a line at

Thanks for reading!

Katherine xo

Alpen at the 2019 UBCP Awards

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